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Elcotel History

Elcotel, Inc., based in Sarasota, Florida, was a leader in providing public access telecommunications networks and management services for both domestic and international wired and wireless communication networks. Elcotels’ product line included microprocessor-based payphone terminals or smart payphones; software systems (PNM) to manage and control networks of the company's smart payphone terminals; electromechanical payphone terminals known as dumb payphones; and replacement components and assemblies. It also offered services, including repair, upgrade, and refurbishment of equipment; customer training; and technical support

Elcotel was the largest smart payphone supplier to the United States market with an estimated 45% market.

Sale of Elcotel

Elcotel was acquired by Gores Technology Group (GTG)  January 2002 and was managed by QuorTech Solutions effectively operating as QuorTech Global Solutions. GTG was at that time a leading provider of next-generation public telephony and network system management services in 12 countries. The two companies with operations in Orange, Virginia and sales and research in Sarasota Florida became one of the leading providers of public communication products in North America

Elcotel Inc