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310 7000 Manual

7000 Flash  Installation

8000 Flash Installation

Ascension Assembly ECS05 00 03 Protel

Ascension Assembly ECM02 00 0M Protel

Ascension  ECS II Plastics Assembly Protel

Ascension  ASYCM000003_exp

Ascension  ECS II Medalist Bracket

Protel Ascension  Upper & Lower Housing View

Protel Ascension Upper & lower Housing config

Ascension AE Style User’s Guide

Protel Ascesnsion Coin Mech Assembly   CoinMechECM02

Ascension Proscan Frame & Solenoid

Ascension Proscan Assy Track Side Door

Ascension Proscan Exploded View

Ascension Proscan ASY0000153 ASSY

Protel Ascension Locks Abloy Medeco AMA

Ascension  Handset Panel Configuration

Ascension Flash Chassis Smart Board

Protel Ascension Faceplate

Protel Ascension Backplate

Ascension Relay Trigger Switch

Ascension Dual Relay Hopper Assembly

Ascension Solenoid Relay Hopper

Protel HookSwitch 1

Protel HookSwitch 2

Protel Proscan 1000

Protel Card Reader

Sentinel Payphone Housing

Sentinel  Payphone Housing Lower

Protel Charge-A-Port Board Installation

Protel Charge-A-Port User’s Guide

Portel Expressnet Management Software Errors

Protel Extension Option Board Installation 7000 Chassis

Protel Flag-Voice Codes

Protel Sentinel Payphone 6000 Pocket Reference

Protel Sentinel Payphone 9000 Pocket Reference

Protel Voice Error Messages

Protel XP Payphone Upper Housing

Protel XP Payphone Shorty Housing

Protel XP Payphone Lower Exploded View

Protel XP Payphone Lower Housing

Protel XP Payphone Upper Coin

Protel XP Payphone Upper Basic

Protel XP Payphone 1000 Exploded

Protel XP Payphone Upper Coinless

Protel 7800 Assembly Hookswtich

Protel 7800 Assembly Rear

Protel 7800 Assembly Front

              Protel Manuals