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To preserve and share the history, technology and information on one of the first consumer used communication networks


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Payphone Programming with ExpressNet Version 1.55
Protel Payphones and Payphone Programming
Have a Payphone and need it to work. Have questions or just need your phone to work again.
We can program your payphone for $6.50 if its your personal payphone. Do you own a route
and need support or phone programming? We can help at costs as low as $8.00
Per-phone or at a low monthly cost.
Protel Ascension Plus payphones and Payphone Programming
Protel Payphone Programming
Protel Payphone Programming
ElcotelPayphone Programming
Quortech Elcotel
Elcotel Payphones
Payphone PNM Programming

Please select the model above and we will contact you back via the email address given during checkout. Most phone programs  are done in under 48 hours. If you later change your mind and your phone has not called in we will  send you a refund. Once your phone calls into the Expressnet or PNM server no refunds can be given.