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Phone number is 269-383-6306 and will take incoming calls but it looks like the mic does not work. Located at a BP station off I-94 on Portage rd in Kalamazoo Mi. Funny thing about this phone is it states Cincinnati bell but its in Michigan.

This phone’s number is 269-345-5965. This phone will not take incoming phone calls, when called the modem will pickup. When using the phone I could hear my voicemail well and the message I left was good quality

All used up and DEAD

This phone is located at a rest stop just south of Exit 44 on US 131. The phone number is 269-345-1987. The phone will ring and take incoming calls. Also this phone has a TTY but I cound not figure out how to get it to slide out. EMBARQ (EPSI) is a subsidiary of CenturyTel.

Phone number 269-349-8728. Located at a Sunoco Station on N Ave in Kalamazoo County. Phone will not take incoming calls.

Phone number 269-324-1572. Phone is located at a Circle K and will allow incoming calls.


Phone looks kept up but is dead, might just be a dead battery. Located on the corner of Sprinkle rd and Beacon in Kalamazoo County

Phone number 269-665-9920 at a rest stop by the Galesburg exit on I-94 in Michigan. The phone will not take incoming calls but voice quality is good.

I was walking Walter and saw this phone. I must have over the past 4 years walked past this phone at least 100 time and never noticed it. Phone number 269-323-9216 and does not take incoming calls.

This phone is located at a rest stop on I-94 East lane just before the Battle Creek exit. Phone number is 269-979-2836 and sometimes takes calls. Looks like after 8pm is stops taking calls.

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